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On this page there will be articles, which I feel others would have benefit in reading. They are absolutely not meant as being reproved, more like a hand stretch out.


An explanation on »Peng« (Knud Erik Andersen) 12-04-1998

Tai Chi for Self Defense (Rick Mendel) 22-04-1998

Doing Pushing Hands (Tui Shou) (Knud Erik Andersen) 12-05-1998

How Do I Find A Teacher? (Knud Erik Andersen) 12-05-1998

Big Tai Chi - Small Tai Chi (Yang Cheng Fu) 12-05-1998

Tai Chi Cures Heart Disease (Dr. W. Zee) 12-05-1998

The Art of Making a Sword (Lars Bo Christensen) 12-05-1998

Yin and Yang - what's that? (Knud Erik Andersen) 10-08-1998

The Names in Tai Chi (Lars Bo Christensen) 28-08-1998

Benefit of Tai Chi Chuan (Knud Erik Andersen) 01-11-1998

Bodhidharma - The legacy of the Shaolin Monastery (Knud Erik Andersen) 31-05-1999

About practising (Knud Erik Andersen) 21-06-1999

The Shaolin Monastery - past and present (Knud Erik Andersen) 21-06-1999

Taoism (Knud Erik Andersen) 21-06-1999

Tai Chi is natural (Lars Bo Christensen) 21-06-1999

Tai Chi's roots and development (Knud Erik Andersen) 21-06-1999

Yang Cheng Fu's opinion about the attitude to learn (Mr. & Mrs. Wu) 21-06-1999

A Taoist in NewYork (Lars Bo Christensen) 21-06-1999

Pushed to the Limit - A conversation with Master Dong Zeng Chen (Rachel Porter) 05-07-1999

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