Master Kai-Ying Tung

Slå tigeren

Kai-Ying Tung, (pronounced Dong) is the third generation of Tai Chi masters in the Tung family. He received his firstname Kai-Ying, from his grandfather and teacher Tung Ying-Chieh (Dong Yingjie). The name means "to continue", (in his grandfathers footstep). His grandfather was one of the most famous of Yang Chengfu's students. He published the first of Yang's Tai Chi books, and travelled with Yang through Chine for more than 20 years to spread out the knowledge of Tai Chi. Tung Ying-Chieh moved in the 1930's to Hong Kong to open a school there. Kai-Ying began to learn Tai Chi, when he was 7 years old and he began to assist his grandfather when he was 15. Latter on he began to teach in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. Master Tung's father Tung Fu-Ling (Dong Huling) visited the US in 1967 and travelled around to teach and make some exhibitions. When he went back to Hong Kong he promised he would come back and teach for a longer period of time, if there were shown some interest. In 1969 he went back and opened a school in Hawaii. Shortly after, in 1971, Tung Kai-Ying moved to Los Angeles and established the Kai Ying Tung's Academy of Tai Chi Chuan. In 1983 one of master Tung's students Roger Bird came to Denmark on a holiday, and while he was here he taught in a big park (Fælledparken). He to met a huge interest, and decided to stay and teach. A year later he invited master Tung to Denmark. So in may 1984 we had the first class with master Tung in a place called Østerbro Sportingcenter. We were 50 students and it was a huge success. People came from all different schools and styles, and we could all feel, that this was a teacher, who passed on the Tai Chi transmission in an unbroken line from the greatest Tai Chi Chuan masters.

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