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Tai Chi Chuan Links

In brackets ( ) there is shown in what languages the sites are written in. The flags shows from which country it comes.

Tai Chi Magazines :

Tai Chi Nyt (Danish/English/German/Dutch) Danish non-commercial magazine from 1989. There are 3 issues every year.

Black Belt Magazine (English) American magazine about different kinds of martial arts. There are 12 issues every year.

Qi Journal (English) American magazine on Tai Chi and Qigong.

TAI CHI Wayfarer (English) American magazine from 1977. There are 6 issues every year.

Tai Chi International (English) English magazine on Tai Chi. There are 6 issues every year.

Denmark :

The Nordic T'ai Chi Ch'uan Association (Danish/Norwegian/English) Arkjell Joliek's Homepage. Yang Style (Kai-Ying Tung).

Tai Chi Chuan Yang Stil (Danish) Lars Klug's Homepage Yang Style (Kai-Ying Tung).

Torben Rifs School of Tai Chi (Danish/English) Torben Rifs Homepage about Wudang Tai Chi.

The School of Tung Style (Danish) Frank Feldmann's Homepage. Yang Style (Kai-Ying Tung).

Tai Chi Chuan Yang Stil (Danish) Diana Toxværd's Homepage Yang Style (Kai-Ying Tung).

Silk Tai Chi (Danish) Viggo Vekkelsø's Homepage

The School of Tai Chi Chuan (Danish) Lars Ewé's Homepage. Yang Style (Kai-Ying Tung).

Introduction to Tai Chi Chuan (Danish) Dorthe & Kenneth Kisbyes Homepage.

Tai-Chi Chuan Yang Style (Danish) Jonas Brenner's Homepage. Yang Style (Kai-Ying Tung).

The Free Tai Chi Association (Danish/English) Lars J. E. Larsen's Homepage. Chen- and Yang Style.

Scandinavia :

The Swedish Tai Chi Chuan Institute (Swedish) Klass Larsson's Homepage. Yang Style (Kai-Ying Tung).

Nordisk Tai Chi Chuan Forening-Norge Norge (Norwegian/Danish) Arnkjell Joliek, Yang Style.

Tai Chi Chuan Finland (Finnish) Rami Salo's Homepage. Yang Style (Kai-Ying Tung).

Tai Chi mm. (Swedish/English) Peter and Claudia's Homepage. The Tai Chi page is in English.

OsloTai Chi Chuan -Norge Norge (Norwegian) Erik Myrland, Yang Style (Kai-Ying Tung).

Taiji & Qigong Center (Swedish/English) Thérèse Mei Mei's Homepage. Yang Style (Yang Zhenduo).

Linköping Practical Tai Chi Chuan (Swedish/English)
Hompage of Linköping Practical Tai Chi Chuan.

Swedish Wudang Tai Chi Chuan Association (Swedish)

Europe :

British Counsil For Chinese Martial Arts (English)

Tai Chi Chuan Studio (French) Sophie Lahayville's Homepage.

Tai Chi Belgium (English) Crescendo's Homepage.

Tai Chi Union For Great Britain (English)

 Toum Association Tai Chi Chuan - École Yang Style Tung (French) Anya Méot's Homepage..

LAirone - centro ricerche discipline taoiste (Italian) Maurizio Gandini's Homepage

Wudang Tai Chi Chuan (English) Dan Docherty's Homepage

Tai Chi Chuan NUOVO ORIZZONTE (English/Italian) Massimo Mori's Homepage.

Tai Chi Finder (English) The place to find a Tai Chi class in UK/Ireland.

Taimover (English) Peter Stankov's Homepage

Health And Healing Arts   (English) Anthony Walmsley's Homepage on Internal Chinese Martial Arts.

Rising Phoenix Tai Chi & Qigong (English) Christie Butterick's Homepage.

Tai Chi in Germany (German) Dr. Stephan Langhoff ´s Homepage

Old Yang Taijiquan (English/Slovenian)

Dynamic Balancing Tai Chi (English) Tai chi for self defence in Newcastle and Durham

Shaolin Kung Fu Training in Shaolin/China (German/English)

Sun Style Tai Chi AssociationUK (English) Homepage of David Martin

Lee Family Internal Arts Association (English) Keith Ewrs's Homepage.

The Israeli Tai-Chi Directory Leah Miron's Homepage

North America :

Master Kai Ying Tung's Homepage (English) Master Kai-Ying Tung's Homepage

Tai Chi, Qigong mm. (English) Link page with many exciting links to other exciting sites.

Gin Soon Tai Chi Chuan Federation USA (English) Master Vincent Chu's Homepage.

Kai Ying Tungs Academy of T'ai Chi Ch'uan (English) Webpage about Master Kai Ying Tung maintained by Dale Keel

T'ai Chi Ch'uan Links (English) Lee N. Scheele's Homepage.

Taiji Chinese Medicine (English) Yaron Seidman's Homepage.

Dong's International Tai Chi Chuan Assocition (English) Master Dong Zheng Chen & Master Alex Dong's Homepage

Tai Chi Links (English) Donald O'Beirne's Homepage.


Dan Yokohama (English) (Kai-Ying Tung)

Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan (English) Mandana Doust's Homepage (Kai-Ying Tung)

Tai Chi - Tao - Martial Arts (English) P. Moon's Links.

Championship Martial Arts Academy Master Jianhua Guos Homepage

Classical Yang Family Style Tai Chi Chuan  (English) Richard Jesaitis' Homepage (Tung Family)

Boston Kung Fu and Tai Chi Institute (English)

World Chen Tai Chi  Mark Wasson teaches traditional Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan.

Big Sky Tai Chi (English) Douglas Knight's Homepage.

Yongnian Taiji Martial Arts Center (English) Ted W. Knecht's Homepage.

Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan (English) Guy Tomash's Homepage.

TAI CHI FARM MEMORIAL WEBSITE (English) The memorial site of the late Grandmaster Jou Tsung Hwa

Taiji Quan Wu/Hao Taiji Quan (English) Sifu Kenny's Homepage.

Electronic Resources on Tai Chi (English) Christopher Majka's Homepage.

Tai Chi Association (English) M. Chengs Homepage

Internet Tai Chi Chuan Resources (English) Gary L. Miller's Homepage.

Taijiquan école Gilles Thibault (French) Gilles Thibaults Homepage.

Tom Walters - Tai Chi Chuan Tom Walters Homepage.

Toni DeMoulin Taiji (Engelsk) Toni DeMoLin's homepage


Jeronimo Milos Homepage Argentina

Asia :

About Taijiquan (English) Peter Lim Tian Tek's Homepage.

Hong Kong Students Tai Chi Chuan Club (English/Chinese) Mr. Chan Po Po's Homepage.

What is Tai, What is Chi? (English) Provides Tai Chi Chuan Training Merchandise.

Indonesian Tai Chi (English) Master Lukman's

Fa Jing Tai Chi Research (English) Stephen Cramb's (Kam Man Lung) Homepage.

Tai Chi Follow Me (English) Provides Tai Chi Chuan Training Merchandise.

Traditional Chinese Weaponry House (English/Chinese/Japanese)

Executive Tai Chi Academy South Mumbai (English)

Oceania :

Tai Chi Instructional videos by Dr. Paul Lam (English) Offers videos to improve health and better lifestyle for beginners and advanced.

Australia***Chenjiagou Fa Jing Tai Chi Resesrch (Engelsk) This is an english language site on Chen Tai Chi Chuan. Formally based in Hong Kong but now in Australia

Yek Sing Ong Tai Chi Newzealand (English) Yek Sing Ong's Homepage.

Tai Chi for people with Arthritis (English)
Tai Chi program designed for by Dr. Paul Lam and his team of Tai Chi and medical experts for people with arthritis.

Erle Montaigue's Warrior Arts T'ai Chi (English) Erle Montaigue's Homepage.

Other exciting Links :

Pa Kua (English) Master Park Bok-Nam's Homepage.

The Taoist Restoration Society (English) Nonprofit organization helping to preserve and restore China's Taoist heritage.

Handoyo.Org (Indonisian) Information about Chinese Culture, art, legends and history.

Kung Fu Online (English)

Patrick Kelly (English,Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Rumanian) An easy, traditional breath exercise to chase away stress.

Siu Tao (Indonesian/English) If you want to know more about Tao, this is the place!

I Liq Chuan (English) Master Sam Chin Fan-Siong's Homepage.

MADB 'Martial-Arts (Workshop) Database' (German/English) Database on classes all over the World.

The Dragon Dojo (English) Different types of karate kenpo etc. We teach different styles....Also we have pictures and lots of links.

Blackpool Karate and Kickboxing (English) Karate, Kickboxing and martial arts lessons in Blackpool. Original clipart, information and news

Azerbaijan "joriyo" Kungfu federation Grand Master Davud's Hompage.

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